Benjamin Franklin Coined the Phrase “No Pain, No Gain”

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was one of the first exercise gurus? Nearly 300 years ago, he recommended that adults get a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise every day. My new book, The Benjamin Franklin Diet explains how Franklin used exercise to increase his own health and longevity. Below is an excerpt from the book.

Everyone has heard the phrase, no pain, no gain. As contemporary as it sounds, it was Ben Franklin who coined these famous words back in the eighteenth century when he wrote, “There are no gains without pains.”

Exercise is essential to your health and you must make time for it every day. Forty-five minutes of moderate exercise broken up into fifteen-minute intervals before meals is the minimum amount an adult needs every day. Exercise is not always easy and, yes, sometimes it can be painful. Just remember Franklin’s famous words as you sweat it out and know that you’re losing fat and gaining a healthier body. Eventually your sore muscles and pain will diminish as you grow stronger.

Besides his superb eating habits, Benjamin Franklin’s other secret to long life was exercise. In a letter to a relative, he wrote, “The resolution you have taken to use more exercise is extremely proper, and I hope you will steadily perform it. It is of the greatest importance to prevent diseases.”

Exercise is a vitally important part of achieving optimum health and happiness. Franklin found that moderate exercise before meals improved his digestion, promoted sound sleep, and put him in a cheerful mood. “To this End it is in the first place necessary to be careful in preserving Health, by due Exercise and great Temperance; for in Sickness the Imagination is disturb’d; and disagreeable, sometimes terrible, Ideas are apt to present themselves. Exercise should precede Meals, not immediately follow them; the first promotes, the latter obstructs Digestion. If after Exercise we feed sparingly, the Digestion will be easy and good, the Body lightsome, the Temper cheerful, and all the Animal Functions perform’d agreeably. Sleep when it follows, will be natural and undisturb’d.”

Here’s to your good health!

Kelly Wright, Author of The Benjamin Franklin Diet