Getting Thin With Ben Franklin

For nearly four years I’ve been following Benjamin Franklin’s advice on nutrition and exercise. And as a result I not only attained my goal weight, but I’ve kept it all off!

Three years ago when I turned 40, I noticed that it was getting harder to drop excess weight. So I started a low-carbohydrate diet as a solution. But as I dined on meat, cheese and artificial sweeteners, I  just felt sick all the time. Sure, I lost a few pounds, but I knew that this type of diet wasn’t going to work for me in the long-run. That’s when I started looking for a permanent solution, not only to lose my excess weight, but a diet that was healthy and something I could actually stick to for the rest of my life.

That’s how I discovered The Benjamin Franklin Diet. I remembered how Benjamin Franklin had said some interesting things about health and longevity in his autobiography and in some of his letters. So I went back and read them again, put all the information together and unlocked his secrets to long life. The diet is based on Franklin’s writings who, by the way, lived to be 84 years-old in a time where the average man only lived into his 40′s.

On Ben’s diet you eat lots of delicious complex carbohydrates, mostly whole grains, like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread. Then you exercise moderately and eat reasonably sized proportions. By doing these three simple things, you create the “perfect storm” for weight-loss to occur.

I lost all my excess weight within a few months by doing the above. It was only when I got pregnant at age 42 that I gained back 30 pounds. But I followed the guidelines of The Benjamin Franklin Diet throughout my pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Continuing to eat Franklin’s way, all the baby weight fell right back off and I’m back to my ideal weight again.

I encourage you to take Benjamin Franklin’s advice if you’re looking for a long-term solution for healthy living. All of the information is in my new book, The Benjamin Franklin Diet.


Kelly Wright





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