Eating oatmeal can play an
important role in your weight-loss
plan. Clinical studies have shown
that people who replaced their
usual breakfast with a bowl of
oatmeal and walked for fifteen to
thirty minutes per day lost almost
one pound of body fat per week
without changing anything else in
their diet. That’s almost fifty
pounds a year by making just
two simple changes
Is It Possible?
Stomach-shrinking is a subject
often debated by health experts.
But it is possible to reduce the
size of your stomach safely and
without surgery, simply by
changing your eating habits.

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BMI or Body Mass Index is a standard
system used to calculate an
approximate healthy weight for one's
height. While there are many factors
involved in determining the exact weight
one's body should be, such as gender,
age and muscle mass, the BMI chart
can be used as a rough guideline to
figure out if one is in a healthy or
unhealthy weight range.

Check out our easy to use BMI chart to
find out where you stand.