"Look no further than this book to lose weight." DR. DAVID ALBIN, M.D.
The "Inside Skinny" on The Benjamin Franklin
by Registered Dietitian, Lisa DeFazio
Registered Dietitian, Lisa DeFazio wrote the
foreword for
The Benjamin Franklin Diet. In this
excerpt from the book, Lisa explains how people
looking to get healthy and lose weight can do so
by following the simple diet principles of Founding
Father, Benjamin Franklin.

"When I was first asked to write the foreword for a
diet and weight-loss book, I have to admit, I was
skeptical. I have been a registered dietitian in both
the medical and fitness fields for over ten years,
and I thought to myself, “Just what we need,
another diet book.” However, I was curious to see
what advice Ben Franklin had about diet and
nutrition. He did live twice as long as his peers,
and let’s face it, he was smart, successful, and
had a few significant accomplishments in his

The author, Kelly Wright, was struggling with her
weight, and she was able to successfully lose
weight by following Ben’s diet guidelines, without
the pain and suffering of most diets. She was so
enthusiastic about her findings that I agreed to
read her manuscript. I read it in one sitting, and
found it to be an easy, healthy,sensible, and unique approach to weight loss. There are
many ways to lose weight, but this collection of Benjamin Franklin’s findings, theories,
and recipes, is inspiring, easy to follow, and just makes sense overall.

This is not your typical diet book, and that is a primary reason why I agreed to write this
foreword. It was fascinating to learn about Ben’s diet principles, which I recommend you
write down and review daily as a way to stay inspired and motivated. Even though I am a
nutrition expert, I admit my diet is not perfect, and I do not know everything about
nutrition. After reading this book, I even learned a few new things—it really convinced
me to switch to organic products, and consume fewer animal products; yes, some
dietitians do occasionally eat steak.

Much of what Benjamin Franklin preached is what I teach my patients today. In those
days, consuming meat, fat, and alcohol meant you were wealthy. The way Ben ate,
mostly vegetarian, with very little meat and alcohol, indicated you were poor. As we now
know through research, those wealthy, obese, meat and alcohol consumers are today
known as our heart disease, diabetes, and coronary-artery-bypass patients.

Overall, I was intrigued by the way the nutrition information was presented through
Benjamin Franklin’s teachings. I felt fortunate to be able to have such valuable insight
and actual diet information from a brilliant man who is long gone, but will never be
forgotten. Even if you don’t bake your bread from scratch or cook every day, Ben’s life
lessons and diet principles are reason enough to read this magical book, which is not
just another diet book.

—Lisa DeFazio, M.S., R.D.

Nutritionist and television personality Lisa DeFazio earned her Masters Degree in Nutritional Science
from Cal State University in Los Angeles. She is a registered dietitian and weight management
specialist certified by the American Dietetic Association. Lisa studied at the Pritkin Longevity Center
and at Cedars Sinai. She was the health educator at Kaiser Permanente for eight years and the
nutritional consultant on the CBS television series Big Brother. Lisa is currently a special
correspondent for Perez Hilton’s celebrity website f itperez.com. She owns and operates her own
weight-loss consulting business, the Diet Squad, and has been interviewed as a diet expert by Us
Weekly, STAR Magazine, Shape Magazine, CBS, and FOX.
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